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Tome Topple Readathon TBR

Here I am again with another TBR for a readathon. I’ve been lazy when it comes to reading since the beginning of the month, and hopefully, this readathon will be the push that I needed to pick up a book again.

If you did not know, Tome Topple Readathon is hosted by Samantha of Thoughts on Tome and other co-hosts. This round will start on August 08 and ends on August 21 in your timezone. The objective of this readathon is to read books over 500 pages, if it’s below 500 pages, it does not count. Of course, there will be challenges and also Instagram posts prompts if you guys wanted to participate. I will be leaving all the links and other things down below for more information.


So these are the challenges for this round. You can only use one book for two prompts.

My goal for this readathon is to pick most books that I will be reading on my physical shelf. And after picking out my TBR, it became too ambitious for reading chunky books in two weeks.

So without further ado, let’s get into my super ambitious TBR.



Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

↠ In continuation of my Cosmereverse Readalong participation, I am once again picking up another Brandon Sanderson book. Hopefully, I will not have the same feelings as I did with the Mistborn Trilogy, which I DNFed.😅 But, I will be picking up the audiobook. This book is for the challenges tome audiobook and tome from a genre you don’t usually read since I rarely read epic fantasy.

Page count: 652



Battle Royale

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

↠ This book is for the challenge tome on your TBR the longest since I’ve been wanting to read this as soon as I heard the comparison between this and The Hunger Games. I’ve been meaning to read this for quite some time now, probably since I finished The Hunger Games. But I never got around to it. I even bought the physical copy to push myself to read it, but it’s more than 5 years now and I seriously need to read this. This could also count for standalone tome since this is a standalone.

Page Count: 647


death note

Death Note (All-in-One Edition) by Tsugumi Ohba

↠ I have watched the anime but I never finished it. I think I stopped when L was… SPOILER. But, if you have seen the anime or read this series, you would get it. This is a perfect book for this readathon, it’s a manga so it’s very easy to read but at the same time, it is chunky. I will be using this book for the prompt tome with the most pages. See that page count? Yup. That’s the longest.

Page count: 2,400😅




Diary ng Pangit by HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Diary ng Pangit or Diary of an Ugly Girl is a Wattpad story and the first Wattpad book that was ever published in our country. I decided to put this on my TBR because there is a readathon called Wikathon for the whole month where you read books written by Filipino authors. I only heard about the readathon at the beginning of August and I decided to join in at the last minute. The month of August is the month of languages in our country. Buwan ng Wika in Tagalog. It’s a month-long celebration of the different languages in the Philippines. This book is perfect for that readathon and also for the prompt tome from a genre you don’t usually read. This is a YA romance but also a coming of age story which both genre I don’t usually reach into. But 14 years old me loves this and I am excited to know if I would love it still.

Page count: 655



The Moon and The Other by John Kessel

↠ I pick this book up on a sale, it is only $4 and in hardcover which is a rare thing in my country. I like the synopsis and it is a standalone book. I can use this for the standalone tome. This is a sci-fi dystopian according to Goodreads and I’ve been meaning to read it but I never got around to it.

Page count: 597





A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

↠ I finished the first book of the Shades of Magic series and I don’t want to stay away for long from it so I am squeezing in the 2nd book for this readathon. I am so excited to dive back in this world. This is for the challenge most recent tome. I hauled this last June so it’s pretty recent.😉




That is all for my ambitious Tome Topple TBR. I don’t have an unfinished tome from previous rounds, and I don’t own a book more than 500 pages written by a black author so I am not completing those challenges. But hopefully, I can complete 5 challenges.

Until next time!



Readathon announcement video🎥

Tome Topple Twitter account💻



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