Reading Rush Wrap-Up

Hi friends! I know that The Reading Rush is over for more than a week now. But being the lazy person that I was, I am only wrapping it up now. I can say that I am successful with this readathon even though I haven’t manage to finish all 7 books in a week. I might have done that if I have chosen shorter books but where’s the fun in that?

Anyways, here is a quick overview of how my Reading Rush went.


If I haven’t slacked off on day 4 and 5 I might have read more books than just 5. Also I have managed to accomplished a couple of the challenges. I really tried very hard for this readathon because I like the badges! So here are all the badges that I have acquired in this year’s Reading Rush.



I think it’s about time for the wrap-up! I haven’t posted my full reviews for all the books that I have read but it’s coming. So with that being said, let’s proceed with the wrap-up.

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The Final Bibliothon Wrap-Up

It is finally done. I feel so proud of myself for this Final Bibliothon. Out of the 9 Reading Challenges, I managed to finish 7 challenges! I consider that as a big success. And I also managed to read 6 books in a week. WHO AM I? I used to read a book for a week or more lately but now? 6 books?? I used to read like that back in High School!

  1. Read the group book (Aurora Rising) – ❌
  2. Adult Book – ✔
  3. Graphic Novel – ✔
  4. A book from an author you’ve never read before – ✔
  5. A book based on its cover – ✔
  6. Free choice/wild card – ✔
  7. Read a book you were really excited for, but never picked up – ✔
  8. Read a predicted 5-star reads – ✔
  9. Read one of the hosts’ 5-star reads – ❌

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Better Late Than Never: Reading Wrap-Up (January to March)

Hey guys! You’re definitely reading it right. I’m doing my January to March wrap-up just now. I wanted to do an April wrap-up because I read a lot of books last April but I’ll just do a quick wrap-up for the past three months.

January to March is not a good reading month for me. I only completed 4 books in a span of three months. And that, my friends, is the reason why I haven’t posted any wrap-up lately.

One out of all the four books that I finished in the first quarter of the year, I started way back in December. But I’m not that disappointed with myself because I decided to power-through The Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1. I finally finished it! Took me two years to finally finish the whole book instead of reading one short story at a time.

Anyway, without further ado, here are all the books that I finished reading in January, February and March:

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Reading Decathlon Wrap Up

Soooo… The reading decathlon was finished last August 25. I’m too ambitious to think that I can read 10 full novels or books in a span of 10 days. Sadly, I can’t. I managed to read 6 books. 5 full novels and 1 novella. I ended up being in a very short slump for 3 days out of 10 days and I’m only reading at night. I’m still proud of myself for finishing 6 books in 10 days.

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Booktube-a-thon Reading Wrap Up

I’ve been contemplating if I should post this wrap-up but why not? I managed to read almost 700 pages I think. Here’s my not so impressive wrap-up!

▪️I read the 1/3 of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown which is my current reads before the booktubeathon starts. It’s 180 pages or more.

▪️I finished 1 book which is Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young which is 288 pages. I also posted my review here. Just click this link if you want an in-depth thought about this book. (Book Review)

▪️And lastly, I managed to read 200 pages or more of A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin which I haven’t finish up until now.😔

For the reading challenge, I managed to complete two!

🔹 Read a book only after sunset

🔹 Read a book with yellow on the cover

Even though I’m not able to read 7 books in a week, I still enjoyed my time reading these books. How’s your booktubeathon guys?😊

Summer Biannual Bibliathon Reading Wrap Up

Hey, guys! It’s time for my Summer Biannual Bibliathon Wrap Up! I’ve managed to read 3 books which are a good amount of books in 6 days. Sadly I only completed 5 or 6 challenges. Let’s get to it.

Reading Challenges:

✖️ Read the Group Book – the group book is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I’m not really in the mood for contemporary books plus the chapters of this book are 20+ pages! (I may have exaggerated a little.)

✔️ Wildcard – I choose Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This is the first book that I’ve finished in this read-a-thon.

✔️ Read a Book of the Host’s Recommendation – I choose Emma’s recommendation, of emmmabooks on YouTube, which is More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. I really enjoyed this book!

✔️ With Mythical Creature – I read Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Need I say more about the mythical creature? Ask Tinker Bell.

✔️ Read a Book that You’ve Been Putting Off – I’ve been putting off A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin for two months although I’ve already started it in April. I read this book, BUT I didn’t finish it. BUT IT’S PROGRESS. Plus I only need to READ it right? Not FINISH IT.😂

✔️ Read a Book from an Author that you haven’t read before – We can use one book for two challenges sooooooo I choose More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera AGAIN. I never read a book by Adam Silvera before this and I’m looking forward to reading more of his other books.

✔️ Read a Book from a different format – I listen to the audiobook of A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin but I’m too distracted so I read 2 chapters of it and listen to 3 chapters in audiobook format.

And would you look at that? I managed to complete 6 out of the 7 challenges. And now for the wrap-up!

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll – 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑
  • More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera – 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗
  • Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie – 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕


I will not rate A Clash of Kings yet because I’m not yet finished with it. I also have an in-depth thought on Adam Silvera’s More Happy Than Not. Just click HERE to check it out.😊 Till next time guys!😘