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Recent Reads (Apr. 20-26, 2020)

The Community Quarantine in my country has been extended again for another 15 days. Because of that, I feel like I have a lot of time to read. But then again, I did not read much during this week. After reading 3 books for 3 days for Stay Home Reading Rush, I kinda fell into a short slump. I let myself unwind a little and just watch movies and did not pick up a book until Friday night. Even so I managed to finish 2 books which are both great reads.

I don’t want to get this intro too long, so let’s get into the books!


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Recent Reads (Mar. 30-Apr. 05, 2020)

Hi friends! How is your reading week? I have recently been productive in reading during the weekdays rather than the weekend which is a bit of a surprise for me. I used to catch up on my reading over the weekends before but now I catch up with sleep instead.

I managed to finish quite a lot of books over the week and I could never be more proud. So without further ado, let’s talk about the books that I finished and what I am currently reading.



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Recent Reads (Mar. 23-29, 2020)

Hello friends! I hope you guys are all safe and healthy. And I hope you guys have a good reading week, unlike me.

I am contemplating if I should still do a Recent Reads post because not much has changed since my post last week. I’ve been reading the same book since then and I haven’t finish ANY BOOK for the whole week. So this is probably the worst reading week of my life for this year. And I think it’s because of the books that I am currently reading. And I could not wait to finish all these books. I am really struggling here and the books, the characters and the plots are not helping, AT ALL.

So before I go on a full ranting mode, let’s get into the books that I am still currently reading…



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Recent Reads (Mar. 16-22, 2020)

Another week has gone by. And the past week feels like the most stressful and the longest week of my life. Our government is finally taking COVID-19 quite seriously. A lot of locals are slowly getting confined and are testing positive with the virus. And so, like every country that has a growing number of confirmed cases, we are on a quarantine.

It might look like an idealistic set-up for an introvert like me. I wouldn’t mind staying at home and just reading. I can work from home. But in reality, it is stressful. It’s like a looming presence at the back of your mind. You would constantly think and worry. And I realize that I am a little disoriented in the past week. I can’t focus, I can’t even sleep properly. And even though there are a lot of things going on, I still managed to finish some books.

And I think I have talked enough. So let’s get into the books.

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Recent Reads (Mar. 09-15, 2020)

Hello friends! I’ve been doing WWW Wednesday before but I realized it kinda stresses me out when I would evaluate my reading in the middle of the week. So I realized I would do it on Monday instead. So here I am posting my recent reads for the week. Kinda like a weekly reading blog.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the books that I have read this week and what I am currently reading.

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