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April & May 2021 Wrap-up & Book Haul

Hello! Happy Pride month. I still can’t believe that it’s already June, already halfway through 2021.

Another month means another wrap-up. And since I haven’t posted any wrap-up for April, I decided to combine my April and May wrap-up.

I fell into a slump towards the end of April and for the whole month of May. So I only have 4 books to share for this wrap-up. I also have some exciting books to share with you that I have hauled in April and last month. So without further ado, let’s get into the wrap-up!

= Wrap-Up =

RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕

Thoughts: I give in to the hype to read this trilogy because of the TV show, but I am glad I read it. The story is fast-paced. I am surprised by all the revelations that happened and I am not even halfway through the book. It is a fun read. I enjoyed the magic system and the political struggle of the characters. Definitely worth the read.

RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑


This book is a reread since the movie adaptation is coming next year. I want to finish the whole series which is why I am reading one book a month.

I flew through this book. It was a light and fun read, perfect if you are looking for a middle-grade book. This book tackles the stereotype of what people, especially children, see as good or evil. However, I am not fully satisfied by how the author wraps up that topic. And given that it is a middle-grade book if we are talking about the moral lesson of the story this would be quite low on my list. But enjoyment-wise, it is a fun and fast read.

RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑

Thoughts: I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I like this book better than The Night Circus. It is a story within a story. We follow the main character who found a book and reads a story about him in the said book. What’s fun is we get to read the book as well. And as the story progresses, we can see how those stories play out in the bigger picture.

My issues about this book are the story drags a little bit and the ending felt rush. I wished the author incorporated the element towards the ending earlier in the story rather than later. But other than that, if you are looking for a whimsical story check this out.

RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑

Thoughts: Presenting the book that gave me a slump. I started reading this book towards the end of April. The beginning opens up with plot twists and battle scenes. The 20% mark of the book is as fast-paced as the first one. But after the plot twist, in the beginning, the story drags for a long time. It felt like a 600 to 700 pages book rather than less than 500 pages. The plot went down the hill from there, for me, and the characters became annoying at best (I am talking to you, Mal). So even though the story picks up at the last 3 to 4 chapters, I feel like it is not worth it to go through 15 dragging chapters of repetitive political argument and asking for Alina’s attention. I swear I would have given it a 2-moon rating if it weren’t for the beginning.

That is all for my wrap-up. Hopefully, I can overcome my reading slump in June since I want to read a lot of good books this month.

Now that’s all said and done, on to the book haul.

= Book Haul =

I bought these books back in April. I did a Try a Chapter of the books that I want to haul back then. (Check it out here!) I am in the mood to read the dystopian backlog that became popular after The Hunger Games, and this trilogy is one of them. I have not read it yet, but my best friend loves this trilogy so I am looking forward to picking it up. Also, I bought it for a very cheap price.

Back in April, I am quite obsessed with Tarot and Tarot reading. I am still a newbie and making my way through it slowly. I bought this book as a companion to my Tarot of the Divine, and I might say the quality of the book is superb. The pages are the glossy fairytale book type, and the illustrations are so beautiful. It can also be a standalone book without any relation to the tarot cards, so you can buy it as it is.

So this is the only book that I haul for May. I pre-ordered it back in November 2020, and it just arrived last month. I have already read and loved it. If you want to know more about this book, check out my post for the Tour the World in 30 BooksYou can also check out my review of the book hereI highly recommend this book, so please check it out.

That is all for my April and May wrap-up and book haul. Hopefully, the month of June will be good to me reading wise.

Until next time!


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