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October to December 2020 Wrap-up

I am fully aware that most people have already posted their best and worst of the year. But here I am, wrapping up my reading year.

From January up until September, I managed to post a wrap-up after every month. But I decided to skip the wrap-up in October when I only managed to finish two books. And for November and December, I ended up finishing one book for each month.

So here is my quarterly wrap-up instead. Let’s get into the books!


Death Note: All-in-One Edition by Tsugumi Ohba


β†  This bind-up is a very chunky book. I started it at the end of January and managed to finish it by the beginning of October. It somehow put me on a slump, and there is a turning point in the plot that makes me put-off the book every time I see it. It was a solid series. But I feel like the last third of the book did not offer anything new compared to the beginning. Full review to come because I have a lot of things to say about this series.

The Phantom of the Opera Graphic Novel by Varga Tomi


β† The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite classics. And I think this graphic novel captures the eerie atmosphere of the story. I like the illustrations and the color scheme, but I expected this to be an accurate adaptation of the story. However, the author omitted an important part of the story. And the plot is similar to the musical or theatre play rather than the book. But all in all, a good adaptation nonetheless.

Full Review


Battle Royale by Koushun Takami


β† I started this book back in August, and I only managed to finish it in the middle of November. It is not a bad book. But I was having a good time reading and annotating this book, which is why I shy away from it whenever I am not in the mood to annotate. It was a fun experience and something that any dystopian lover should pick up. Full review coming soon.


Death Note Special One-Shot by Tsugumi Ohba


β† A short one-shot story that revisits the world of the beloved Death Note. It was a fun read. It would give any Death Note fans nostalgia. I like it, but it did not do much with the story. I like that we get to see the other characters, though not all of them.

Those are all the books that I read in the last quarter of the year. Hopefully, I could overcome this reading slump and read more books than these.πŸ˜…

Until next time!



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