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Encoded by Richard Nebdal


Published: June 25, 2020

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co.

Format: e-ARC

Pages: 242


Not even his wife knows that Paul Elliot, ex-military officer and now the President of the United States, fathered an illegitimate child during the Vietnam War.

As a personal favor (and totally off the record), the President asks aging PI Richard Braddock to come out of retirement and find his daughter. No one, not even Paul Elliot, is prepared for what Braddock uncovers: A high-tech plan, ten years in the making, that will bring the United States to its knees without a single shot being fired.


There are a lot of private investigator stories in the mystery genre. It is a matter of writing a story that stands out and would leave a mark on the reader. I dived into this book with a low expectation as I am not a fan of the private investigator’s story, but these exceeded my expectations.

The story follows the private investigator Richard Braddock who was hired by the president of the United States to look for his daughter. However, it becomes bigger than it is when they discovered a threat that may disrupt the whole world.

More than the characters, I am more into the plot of the story. There is a wide range of characters in the story, as the main character does not work alone. I like how the author takes time to introduce each one along with their strength. But the plot is the strong point in the story. It talks about the threat and vulnerability of the internet and how dependent people are on it. The pacing of the story is good, and it would not bore the reader. There are a lot of plot twists that would keep you at the edge of your seat.

The story is quite heavy on the tech-stuff, software and hardware alike. However, it would not affect the experience of those that are not tech-savvy. It is clear that the author has a good grasp of the topic, and it is not just an info dump.

The only downside of the book for me is the prologue and the epilogue. I struggle to get through the beginning because there are a lot of characters that have been introduced. Other than that, the story was a fun and thrilling reads.

I highly recommend this book. It has good pacing, and the plot was intriguing.

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