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The Phantom of the Opera: The Graphic Novel by Tomi Varga


Published: October 20, 2020

Publisher: A Wave Blue World

Format: e-ARC

Pages: 128


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, the iconic gothic romance, is retold with all the spectacle its legend demands in this devoted graphic novel adaptation that marries stunning artwork with Gaston Lerouxโ€™s haunting prose.

Everyone has heard the whispered tales of the phantom who lives beneath the opera house, the mysterious trickster behind all the little mishaps and lost things. But no one has ever seen the monster . . . until now. When the promise of blossoming love lures him out from his intricately constructed hideaways in the labyrinthine buildingโ€™s walls and cellars, a hideously disfigured artist trains the lovely Christine to be the operaโ€™s next star for a steep price. Does she choose her newfound success or her beloved Count Raoul? This doomed love triangle threatens to combust when a tragic death, a series of betrayals, and increasingly dangerous accidents cast the players of The Palais Garnier into a heart-wrenching horror story that will echo through the ages.


The Phantom of the Opera has adaptations from theatres to musicals to movies that added different touches to the storyline. Having been a fan of the novel and the musical, I am looking forward to reading the graphic novel the moment that I received the review copy of it.

I flew through the graphic novel in less than a day. The illustrations are so atmospheric. It gives you the creepy and haunted vibes of the whole story just by looking at the color schemes of each page. What I enjoyed the most in the novel is the imagery of the Opera House. You can tell how grand the place is with its details.

My only issue about this graphic novel is that they omitted the part of the Persian and the main character’s backstory. With that said, I feel like this adaptation is more faithful to the story of the musical rather than the novel itself.

But all in all, I enjoyed the author’s take of the famousย Phantom of the Opera. It is perfect for the fall and winter vibes if you are looking for a quick read. Highly recommend it.

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