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Review & Unboxing: Idle Stuff Bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarks have been a trend in the book community for quite some time now. I have seen a lot of photos on bookstagram showcasing the cute character bookmarks from various books. From subscription boxes to shops that sell these cute bookmarks, I have always been looking and contemplating on buying one.

I honestly wanted to buy magnetic bookmarks, especially when the trend of putting it on a string and hanging it on the bookshelf like a banner became a trend. But I’ve been holding back because I am a hoarder.😅 Once I started buying these bookmarks, I know I won’t stop.

But then Idle Stuff, a shop that I have been following and eyeing for quite some time now on bookstagram is looking for bloggers to review their product, so I grab the chance and was luckily chosen. However, I promise that I will give an honest review of their products without bias and prejudices.

So without further ado, let’s get to the unboxing!

Let me show you first the packaging of the shop once you open your parcel.

Look how cool this packaging is. Wrapped in book pages with a touch of a wax seal. It looks simple yet elegant. Am I right?

Now, on to the unboxing video!

Let’s ignore how bad I am with this unboxing.🤣

So here are the bookmarks that I got from Idle Stuff. I only choose the Harry Potter bookmarks because that is the only fandom that I know of that is available in their shop. 🤣 I really need to catch up with new releases.

They have this cute little thank you card for your order, and I peel off the wax seal because it looks so cool. Let’s have a closer look at these bookmarks.

It may not be visible in the photo, but the bookmark has a matt-finish to it that could prevent scratches for these oh-so-cute illustrations. Being a careless bookworm who puts her bookmark everywhere, it is a good thing for me. I also like the detail in the band that connects the front and back of the bookmark. It looks like a Gryffindor necktie. But the best thing about it is that these bookmarks are also waterproof.😉

I also enjoyed this trio set. The details in Hermione’s dress and hair, even in the back, looks so sleek. Ron’s outfit makes me feel so cozy. I want a pair of that slippers as well. And also, hands down to Mr. Harry Potter.

I like the bookmarks, especially the illustration. But I only have one little issue that I think might be a personal preference. I wish the bookmarks were thicker. I am a careless person, and I am afraid that I might bend the bookmark. I don’t want my babies to have a crease in them.

All-in-all, it was a good purchase. A matt-finish waterproof magnetic bookmark? What more could you ask for?

Check out Idle Stuff’s website and start browsing, and adding to your cart the beautiful bookmarks available in their shop! I’ll also link down their other social media account so you can follow and check them out.

That is all for this blog post. Until next time!



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