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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord


RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑

Published: January 21, 2020

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Format: e-Book

Pages: 362

“It’s weird, how you have no idea how far you’ve come until suddenly you can’t find the way back.”


A fresh, irresistible rom-com from debut author Emma Lord about the chances we take, the paths life can lead us on, and how love can be found in the opposite place you expected.

Meet Pepper, swim team captain, chronic overachiever, and all-around perfectionist. Her family may be falling apart, but their massive fast-food chain is booming―mainly thanks to Pepper, who is barely managing to juggle real life while secretly running Big League Burger’s massive Twitter account.

Enter Jack, class clown, and a constant thorn in Pepper’s side. When he isn’t trying to duck out of his obscenely popular twin’s shadow, he’s busy working in his family’s deli. His relationship with the business that holds his future might be love/hate, but when Big League Burger steals his grandma’s iconic grilled cheese recipe, he’ll do whatever it takes to take them down, one tweet at a time.

All’s fair in love and cheese―that is, until Pepper and Jack’s spat turns into a viral Twitter war. Little do they know, while they’re publicly duking it out with snarky memes and retweet battles, they’re also falling for each other in real life―on an anonymous chat app Jack built.

As their relationship deepens and their online shenanigans escalate―people on the internet are shipping them??―their battle gets more and more personal, until even these two rivals can’t ignore they were destined for the most unexpected, awkward, all-the-feels romance that neither of them expected.


Tweet Cute is a young-adult contemporary romance following Jack and Pepper who started a Twitter war without knowing who is on the receiving end of all their quirky tweets. But things are more complicated than it seems because other than this war, there is their family business, their forming friendship, an application that lets you talk to someone anonymously, and love.

I pick this book up after seeing this in a recommendation of books that have a similar plotline with You’ve Got Mail. I was not disappointed as I dive into this book. It felt like a modern retelling of the movie. However, the story is more complicated than I expected it to be. There are too many things going on in the story that makes it hard to focus on one thing which is why I gave it a 3.75-Moon rating.

There is the plotline of the Weazel app – an exclusive anonymous chatroom for Jack and Pepper’s school created by a student – and the mysterious unraveling of Wolf and Bluebird’s identity. There is also the Twitter war which originated from the stealing of a grilled cheese’s secret recipe. Some family drama between Jack and his twin brother, Pepper, her mother, and her sister, and both Jack and Pepper’s family.

To be honest, the plot is well-thought-of and well-executed. I can see what the author was trying to do with the story. On the other hand, I also feel like the author is trying to do too much that it felt overwhelming at some point.  And because a lot is going on, some scenes that I wish the author flesh out more was left out to the reader’s imagination to figure out what happened. I would really love to see the confrontation between Jack and Ethan and how the major twist in the story was settled but alas, it was also left to the reader’s imagination.

But overall, I like the story. I enjoyed my time reading the book and the mysterious penpal trope is well-executed in the story. We see enough of Wolf and Bluebird’s importance with each other that it is understandable how big deal it is for them to know one another’s identity. And I really like the romance here. The characters started out as acquaintances, then friends, and of course lovers. I enjoyed seeing the development of their relationship.

So if you are looking for a good book, I highly recommend this. This is a debut novel and I would certainly look forward to the author’s next works.

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