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Campaign: The Epics of Enkidu – A Hero with Autism

Books like any other art has become a medium of raising awareness to the masses. From LGBTQ+ characters to a much heavier topics, stories have become diverse as years passed by. And seeing books as not only a means of pleasure, entertainment, and informative learning but also as a platform to reach out to others and spread awareness has made the reading experience more meaningful than it used to be.

In the past few years, we have seen diverse characters that do not only differ from their skin color, race, and gender. Not only that, but mental health issues have also been a topic for books. Diversity has helped us understand others whose experience has never been known to us and it also gives us something to connect to when we feel like others could not really understand us.

Now, we are presented once again with a literary piece that could help us understand what autism is like and how we can help spread awareness about it.


The Epic of Enkidu is a comic that tells the story of a hero with autism. The story was inspired by the author’s nephew and The Epic of Gilgamesh, a Mesopotamian myth.

There is a fundraising campaign that the author created to help out the autism community. So by buying a copy of this book, you can be a big help to the autism community that the author will help out. There are other perks along with the book if you are interested.

Check out the video down below for more info about the campaign. And for more details on how you can help out, head over to The Epics of Enkidu Project.

I hope you guys would help out, if not in monetary means, kindly spread the word about it.

Please and thank you!