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Recent Reads (May 11-17, 2020)

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a new week, which means it’s time to look back in the past week as to what I have read and what I am currently reading.

I have not been reading much lately, either through audiobooks or physical books. My sleeping pattern was quite messed up and I really can’t function much every day because I feel so sleepy, and yet I can’t sleep at night. Oh the struggle.

But I managed to finish 1 book and 1 novella. I am not pressuring myself that much because I am so ahead in my Goodreads goal that I feel confident to slow down a little. So I will quit the chitchat and dive into the books.



Currently Reading 📖


The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

↠I am still 29% into this book. I am liking the world and the magic system so far. I just don’t have the right patience to read or listen to the audiobook. I will try my hardest to at least get into 50% by the end of this week.





Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

↠We are finally getting back in Panem with the new book coming in just a day (or two depending on your timezone). I was hoping to finish my reread of the whole trilogy by then but it looks like it is not happening. However, I am still continuing on with this reread and I will be staying away from social media until I finished my reread of the Mockingjay just so I can avoid spoilers.



Read Books 📚


Shadow Me by Tahereh Mafi

Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑

↠This is the 4.5 novella for the Shatter Me Series and I like it a lot. It was Kenji’s POV and we get to see some scenes that we did not see in the 4th book. However, I finally get the point of someone’s review after reading this. As per the review, she said that she does not like how Warner’s action was justified in Ignite Me. And now, with this book and the ending scene after everything went crazy, it feels somehow the same but taken in a different light. It kinda puts me off the whole novella. But I love it and enjoyed it still.



The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


↠Rereading this book is always a joy. And with this reread, I feel like the impact of the story feels heavier than when I first read it and I am noticing some details that I have missed before. I really loved it and the story has shaped me to be the reader that I am today. This will continue to be a powerful story no matter what your age is. I cried because of this book and I don’t recall that I felt that strong towards the story before but it hits me hard.



So that is all for my recent reads for last week. Hopefully I can read more this week.

Have a good reading week guys.

Until next time!













A reader who becomes a villain, a queen, a princess, a heroine, and a warrior depends on the story that she reads. A dreamer who wishes to dwell in the world that she visited through the pages of her book. A frustrated blogger who wishes to put into words the frustration, boredom, and excitement that she felt throughout her many journeys outside the real world.

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