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Recent Reads (May 04-10, 2020)

Summer has come early in my country. It’s only May and yet the heat is killing me. It’s very hard to do things when it’s too hot. And with that being said, I tend to only read at night when the air is a bit cooler. So I haven’t been reading much.

Also, since summer is right around the corner, I’ve been leaning on contemporary romance books which only happens this year. I rarely reached out for contemporary romance books but now I am craving for it. If anyone knows a book similar to You’ve Got Mail, let me know!

I still managed to finish 2 books; 1 of these books has been on my currently reading for a month and it’s about time that I finish it. I also DNFed a book not because it was bad but because the content is too heavy for my taste and I want to dive into the book with the right mindset so I will probably pick it up again some other time.

Okay, so without further ado, let’s get into the books.



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