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A Reader’s Guide to Reading “S.” by J.J. Abrams & Doug Dorst


S. by J.J. Abrams & Doug Dorst is one of the most underrated books ever. I have seen this in bookTube when it first came out but I have never seen a lot of book reviews, it’s mostly book hauls. But even so, I was intrigued because of the unique format of the book. There are handwriting from two individuals who exchanged notes on the margins of the book with inserts here and there that added the experience to the story.

Furthermore, this is the book that you need to read from cover to cover literally. You need to read the Foreword of the translator and even the footnotes. If you are the type to skip both foreword and footnotes, this is not that book. You must read EVERYTHING.

The book looks like an old library book. Complete with theĀ Book For LoanĀ on the front and the list of the people who borrowed the book. Even the spine of the book has a sticker from the library.

Let’s ignore the different lighting of each photo.

However, no matter how beautiful this book is, it might be overwhelming when you don’t know how to read this book properly. Plus, there are problems that readers might encounter like the misplaced inserts or where to start when reading this book. So this post is all about helping out those who have this and don’t know where to begin because I am telling you, if you read this the wrong way you might find this book more trouble than it’s worth.

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