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Follow You Down by Michael Bradley



Published: April 23, 2018

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing

Format: e-ARC

Pages:ย 298





New York defense attorney Neil Brewster has everything he’s ever wanted: an expensive Manhattan apartment, a gorgeous fiancรฉ, a forthcoming partnership in his law firm, and a reputation for winning even the most hopeless cases. His utter ruthlessness and bullying–both in and out of the courtroom–are legendary, and have been since his childhood.

With a new high profile court case looming, a camping reunion with his old high school cronies becomes just the distraction he needs. But Neilโ€™s weekend plunges into disarray when he’s confronted with the sins of his past.

After learning about the suicide of the boy he bullied relentlessly as a teenager, Neil is tormented by ghostly voices and apparitions. His shrewd mind, whose preeminence has been vital to his success, begins to crumble as the hauntings become more harrowing and deadly. Frantic, Neil descends into a frenzied search for answers, only to discover that things aren’t always what they seem.



This book follows the story of a well-known defense attorney as he meets his friends again after 18 years. They will be spending the weekend together in the camp that have been a part of their summer for 3 years back when they were in High School. But then the fun reunion became disturbing as Neil, the protagonist, starts seeing a hallucination.

The plot is engaging, it would leave you wondering if what’s happening is indeed a hallucination, a haunting or a prank. The story was so simple, and I know that this plot has been played out in different genre, but I still like the author’s take on this issue. I could feel the emotions that the main character is experiencing. I really feel sorry for the Neil because I found myself in his shoes. It leaves me wondering what I would feel if I was trapped in his situation and it’s not everyday that I read a book and unconsciously imagined myself in the position of the character. However, the story is quite predictable. You could tell which is really which is which.

Character-wise, I did not like anyone, even the main character, but I did not hate them as well. I understand where they are coming from and how it affects their actions. It’s funny because the story is a character driven plot but I enjoyed it without liking any of the characters.

Diving in the book, I only expected it to be a psychological mystery thriller but I did not expect it to deal with a heavy topic. This book talks about suicide although it focused on another aspect of it. The biggest question is “will the bully be responsible for the death of the person that they bullied when they committed suicide?”.ย I feel like this is a very heavy topic and one that leaves me thinking about it up until now. This book makes me realized things and I wish those who bullied others would one day wonder how their actions affected others.

To be honest, the more that I think about this book, the more that I am liking this book. Not because of the plot or the characters but because of how the topic in this book makes me contemplate on a lot of things.

Recommending this quick read to everyone. But just a trigger warning with suicide, bullying and depression. Do check this book out, I never thought I would enjoy this but lo and behold, I did.



I have received this e-ARC back in 2018 before it came out but I have not gotten around to reading this. Of course reading this now makes me regret that I did not read it any sooner.

That’s all for this review.

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