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Summer With Love by Sarah Morgan



Published: June 07, 2013 (first published March 2004)

Publisher: Mills and Boon

Format: Paperback

Pages: 538



“A true love affair should never be logical, surely. It is about emotion and losing control.”


Remember that summer when everything changed?

Katy: Days away from marrying a man she doesn’t love, Katy’s shocked when fate throws her in the path of Jago Rodriguez – he may have left her years before, but now he’s back, more beautiful than ever and still makes her heart skip a beat…

Libby: Spirited, impulsive and independent, Libby has no interest in relationships, until she comes face to face with a man who won’t give up and a date she can’t turn down!

Alex: Wanted by every woman he’s ever met, Alex is totally unprepared when a stranger appears on his doorstep with a baby in her arms and turns his world upside down.


This book is a bind up of Sarah Morgan’s Westerling Trilogy. When I started reading the book, I was clueless. But then I finish the first story and there is more so I have to do my research. There is a reason why I don’t read contemporary novels back to back; it exhausts me. At some point things felt that the plot are the same even if we have different set of characters. That’s why I only read contemporary when I feel like I need a break from fantasy. But then I read this whole book, which means I read the whole trilogy. And I am telling you that it does not do me any good.

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like the stories became too similar. It does not help that they are triplets who all worked in the hospital – two doctors and a nurse – and it does not help that they have trust issues when it comes to finding true love because of their parents. It is a complete recipe for disaster for me. I feel like I’ve read the story thrice.

The first story follows Katy, a doctor, who was always afraid of disappointing her parents which is why she would marry a guy whom she barely knew because her parents approve of him. But then Jago, her former lover, came back. And I think we all know how it ends. Out of the three story I feel like this is my favorite. Katy works in the emergency room and it really fascinates me to see the work flow of the doctors and their life.

But then the second story comes; it’s about Libby who is a nurse in the pediatric section of the hospital. She has a trust issue when it comes to relationships after what she went through with her previous partner and her parent’s relationship. At this point, I was still enjoying the plot because I love seeing the pediatric ward and the people that worked there. But Libby as a character was frustrating. I think her character is overdone. It borderlines to annoying and understandable but her character really crossed the line for me. She is annoying. I get that she has a trust issue, but it is too much. If I were the love interest, I would have ditch her then and there because how can you say you love someone if you don’t trust them? Unless it is just something physical.

The first story was okay, the second story I managed to get through but I almost gave up on the third story. The last story follows Alex, a doctor who also works in the Emergency Room, and his world was turned upside down when a girl came knocking at his door and told him that he was the father of the baby that she was carrying. I can say that the plot is more well thought of than the first two stories. But the characters? It’s frustrating! Alex, like Libby, has a trust issue when it comes to having a relationship so of course he never believes that he is capable of falling in love with someone. And then there is the girl who was so insistent into saying that Alex was the father of the baby but she refused to do a DNA test. And not only that, she moved in the house for the baby and Alex to have a “bond”.

I was so burned out after reading this book. I feel like I have read the concept of the doctor working in the Emergency Room somewhere and it is only until I was writing a review for Moonlight Over Manhattan do I realized why; it’s because one of the main character is also a doctor working in the Emergency Room. I have read a couple of Sarah Morgan’s book (like more than 12 of them) and I can say that this is by far my least favorite. This is one of her earlier works and I can say that her writing has improved a lot since this book.

I’m giving each story a moon so that’s why I’m giving this a 3-Moon rating.

So that’s it for this book. I will still be reading Sarah Morgan’s work this would not stop me from loving her books. I think that I read this book in the wrong time, that’s all.

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