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In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken


RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 (4.5/5 moons)

Published: October 28, 2014

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 535



“What I’m trying to get at is, as bad as everything seems, I think, at its heart, life is good. It doesn’t throw anything at us that it knows we can’t handle – and, even if it takes its time, it turns everything right side up again…”


Ruby can’t look back. Fractured by an unbearable loss, she and the kids who survived the government’s attack on Los Angeles travel north to regroup. With them is a prisoner: Clancy Gray, son of the president, and one of the few people Ruby has encountered with abilities like hers. Only Ruby has any power over him, and just one slip could lead to Clancy wreaking havoc on their minds.

They are armed only with a volatile secret: proof of a government conspiracy to cover up the real cause of IAAN, the disease that has killed most of America’s children and left Ruby and others like her with powers the government will kill to keep contained. But internal strife may destroy their only chance to free the “rehabilitation camps” housing thousands of other Psi kids.

Meanwhile, reunited with Liam, the boy she would-and did-sacrifice everything for to keep alive, Ruby must face the painful repercussions of having tampered with his memories of her. She turns to Cole, his older brother, to provide the intense training she knows she will need to take down Gray and the government. But Cole has demons of his own, and one fatal mistake may be the spark that sets the world on fire.


Ruby’s journey has finally come to an end; and I feel like this book wraps it up so well. And just like the second book, the character development is visible not only to the main characters but also to the other characters. Each of them have a story to tell and each of them adopted to the whole situation in their own way. The biggest character development in this whole is trilogy is Zu. Even though she is young and the others saw her as a baby, she managed to grow into an independent kid.

The thing I like the most about the plot is the planning for an attack and the propaganda to exposed the real situation of the kids under the facilities that the government created. And even though their approach is different from one another, you could see the impact that it would create to the people, especially the parents of the kids in the facilities. I like how the author showed the side of humanity where they choose to turn the blind-eye in the whole situation for it might ripple the hierarchy that they created for their own safety. As the story progress and the children start to finally come together as one team, you would surely anticipate the execution of their plans.

But of course, things would not always run smoothly and according to plan which is the plot twist. I don’t know if it is just me, but the plot twist is very predictable. I don’t know if the author meant it to be predictable or not but it just lessen the appeal of the climax for me. But nonetheless, even if I predicted the plot twist or not, I still enjoy this book.

This book offered us answers to the questions that have been hanging since the beginning of this book – the cause of their powers. And when it comes to the cure, the author has taken the realistic approach. It also helps us understand that everything is not a one time thing, it will not disappear in an instant. And even though they have an alternative for curing the kids, it is does not look appealing to most of them. The author also took a realistic approach with the ending. After everything has been said and done, there are adults who took over for the kids. It is clear that they still do not trust the children after everything that they have exposed. (Turning the blind-eye like I said earlier.) The ending feels like a ceasefire, but for how long? No one can tell.

As for the characters, there is another death that I am so devastated when it happened. I do not see the point of killing that character! He does not deserve to die and it was all nonsense. But other than that, seeing the other characters find their place in this government felt so real.

I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who wants to read a dystopian book. You should also read the novellas to see the transition of the whole story.

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Till next time!

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