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National Book Store Book Binge Bazaar!

Hello there fellow bookworms! Another book event has taken over our country. We only have the annual Manila International Book Fair or MIBF. But now, there is a Book Bazaar! Although, I think this would only happen this year.


This book bazaar was hosted by National Book Store, one of the biggest local bookstores in our country. This event would take place from Feb. 09 to 11, 2018 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. What’s exciting about this event is that the prices of the books are only 75, 175 or 275 pesos (approximately $2, $3 and $5). And in our country it is a very big deal!

So if you are a fellow bookworm who is also from the Philippines and is planning to go to this event, I have a dos and don’ts for you!


I happened to visit on the first day, which is today, and I’ve been wandering in the events hall for a long time! However, I was there in a Friday afternoon which means that other people are still at work so not many people are cramming inside. And now the weekend is coming and I’m sure that there will be a lot of people there! So here’s some advice for a more worthwhile shopping experience.

1.) Be early! I’ve been there on the first day, in a Friday afternoon. And as I arrived in the hall, there is a line! You don’t believe me? See for yourselves.


I only took this photo when I could already see the entrance but I started in a staircase! Though the line does not really take that long to get into. I only waited for 10 to 15 minutes though I doubt that it will be the case on Saturday and Sunday.



2.) Do not panic buy books! I know this would be very hard considering the circumstances with this people…


But trust me, panic buying would only lead to regret (or not). Just grab the books that you really really like!


3.) The selection of books are 80% YA books. I’ve seen comments and posts about how disappointed they are for the lack of classic, adults or literary fiction books. Some are asking about local books as well. And as an answer to that, there are a few selection of books that are not YA. But if you’re looking for other genre, you might want to skip this bazaar.


4.) Books are sorted out by price and genre. When I say genre, it’s the very specific children’s book, YA, business books, cook books, etc. So when you enter the venue, be sure to check out the map in the entrance to know where you’ll be running first. Prices are also labeled above each shelf so you would know how much each book is. BUT check the prices of the book as well before going to the counter because some rude people (I wouldn’t dare call the book lovers) would just shove the books that they’re having second thoughts on the table or shelf that they passed by.

Here’s the map BTW.


Another thing, the “children’s book” labeled at the back are also YA section.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



5.) Explore! Before buying the books, be sure to explore the whole venue. The books, even those with the same title or authors are scattered everywhere. You would see them in different shelves and tables. Be sure to check the condition of the books as well.


6.) Empty your piggy bank. There are wide range of books in this bazaar and what I like most is that almost all of them are in hardcover formats.


There are books by Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead, Morghan Rhodes, Alexandra Bracken, etc. They are too many to mention. You just need to sharpen your eyes. Coloring books are also present.




Be wise, be sharp and come there as early as you can!


Here are more photos of the whole shenanigans. Sorry for the blurred pictures. People would really bump into you.







OH! And P.S. If you see a staff holding a box and placing it on the table, they’re refilling the table so stay behind the staff because they might pull out a rabbit out of the hat. Here’s my picture while I try to capture the staff refilling the box and failing because people and trying to have a look of the content of the box…





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