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Book Haul (April-June)

Hello bookworms! It’s been awhile. I haven’t been active lately because I feel like I have a slump but I’m trying to get back to reading. I’ve been watching anime and reading manga. However, I still managed to haul a decent amount of books for 3 months. Here we goooo!!!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Pop-up Book


This is the only book that I bought for the month of April. April is the month of reading nothing other than manga and binge watching anime. So yeah, that’s my April book haul.


1.) The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien


As I’ve said in my previous book haul (or was it my wrap-up?), I’m into Tolkien lately after reading The Hobbit and I feel like I need to store his other books in my shelf when I have the urge to read something.

2.) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


I’ve been meaning to read this ever since. And when I saw someone online selling a hardcover copy for a very cheap price, I immediately bought it. Here’s to hoping that I would read it soon.

3.) Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis


The covers are what attracts me into buying this series. But it is an achievement that I managed to finish 2 out of this 7 books. I’m making my way through the third book but I’m still on a slump so I’m always putting it off. I’ll finish it somehow.

4.) Candide by Voltaire


I seriously miss philosophy and this book pops-up just in time. Saw it in a secondhand bookstore and of course I bought it. It’s only a short book, less than 200 pages, but I haven’t read it yet. WHY?!?!


1.) Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han


I need to see how Jenny Han would wrap things up with Lara Jean. I know how it will end based on the synopsis but team John Ambrose!!!!

2.) Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition by Richelle Mead


I need RoMitri in my life or just another excuse to buy another copy of Vampire Academy. Plus, DIMITRI’S POV. Nothing more to say!

3.) The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern


Bought this in a secondhand bookstore! I have read this back in High School and someone borrowed my copy and that person never return it. And now, I have it in hardcopy with a bookmark!

That’s all folks. Those are all the books that I bought for 3 months. I’m finally controlling myself in buying books. I just hope my slump would go away. And also, HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY TO MY BLOG. ❤ ❤ It’s been 2 yrs. according to wordpress. :))

Till next time,

Maria ❤


A reader who becomes a villain, a queen, a princess, a heroine, and a warrior depends on the story that she reads. A dreamer who wishes to dwell in the world that she visited through the pages of her book. A frustrated blogger who wishes to put into words the frustration, boredom, and excitement that she felt throughout her many journeys outside the real world.

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