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A Journey to the World of A Song of Ice and Fire


It took me this long to collect my thoughts about this book after finishing it 3 months ago. I may have said this a couple of times now but the book deserves more hype than the TV Series. George R.R. Martin has a way with words; and by weaving it together to a well planned plot, it would create a master piece. As the story goes deeper and the plot becomes complicated, you get to see the characters grow and change based on the circumstances that they are at.

I’m lost for words after finishing this book and I can’t get over the events that happened in this book. I was shocked, even though I do not like the characters that much, when some characters died. It’s always cruel and heartbreaking whenever Martin kills his characters.

I love every bit of it. And I might say that this book is the one that gets me into the ASOIAF fandom. I’ve been craving for Westeros after finishing this book but I’m holding myself back into reading the next book because I am not yet ready with the emotional roller-coaster. Plus, I am still waiting for the release date of the 6th book before continuing on with this series because every book ends with a cliffhanger and I don’t want to feel like I have to wait for years to read the next book.

Anyways, all in all I love this book more than the first two and I’m hoping to love the next two or three (whenever the sixth book would come out) books more than this.

Have you guys read this book yet? If yes, talk to me. I need someone to talk to about this book. I need to move on after the events that happened.


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