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Top 5 Favorite Authors (Writing Style Edition)

Whenever I scroll through my feeds and my YouTube subscription channels, I always see this Top 5 thing popping up. So I decided to do one! Below are the top 5 authors whose writing style is something that I truly enjoy reading. They’re not my all-time favorite authors or my auto-buy authors but I just love reading their books because of how they express and embodies emotions from the characters. Shall we get into it?


TOP 5!

Daniel Gerhard Brown

Daniel Gerhard Brown a.k.a. Dan Brown is one of my all-time favorite authors in the mystery-thriller genre. He is known for his most intriguing work The Da Vinci Code that harbors different reviews. His every book is something that takes a lot of planning, researching and reading. Having incorporated facts and fiction, Dan Brown created a story that makes it hard to see the line between fact and fiction. He incorporated the facts in his book so well it is like he is weaving a perfect harmony. Maybe that’s the reason why some people expresses a negative review for his books because they feel like Dan Brown was merging facts and fictions. Another thing I like about his writing style is the characters that he created, Robert Langdon for one. They are not superhuman, they are ordinary people living an ordinary life. I know Langdon is far from the brilliance of Sherlock but reading his adventures shows you how human the main character is. He has some flaws and at times he will commit mistakes in comprehending and assessing the situation but with the right knowledge and good logical skills, you could beat the lunatics. I have to admit that I haven’t read Digital Fortress and Deception Point yet because the plot does not peak my interest. Maybe someday I’ll try to read them. But for now, I am excited and grateful that he will be releasing a new book this year!


TOP 4!


Sarah Morgan


Sarah Morgan is one of those authors who deals with life and all the bullshit that comes along with it in a way that would show you how hard it is yet by surrounding yourself with the right people, you would manage to get through it bit by bit. I cannot stop reading her books. She is the only author that I only read in the adult contemporary genre. I love every character in each book that she writes. The friendship, the love of the community, the romance and even the dark past or the back story of the characters would surely get you hooked. It may seem like a shallow story at first with all the cliche scenes but it is not. The element of friendship in her books are so strong and as powerful as the romance. Definitely, my go to whenever I want to read an adult contemporary. Her writing style is not hard to get into and the scenes are not forced; the ending to every book is satisfying but at the same time, it would leave you wanting more.



TOP 3!

Rainbow Rowell


Speaking of someone who would leave you wanting more is the queen of open-ending books, Rainbow Rowell. She has a way of ending her books in a vague way. It would make you crave for more and would keep your heads turning as to what will happen next. Yet even if her stories ended that way, it fits perfectly to the scene and the situation. More often than not, her books would end in a way that would make you utter words like “You cannot seriously end it like that!” or “I need a second book!”. A perfect example to that ending is this:

Just three long words.”

If you haven’t read this book, you should. But I am not telling you which book is this so you wouldn’t get spoiled. But seriously, after reading this all I can think about, and almost everyone who reads this has speculated a theory as to what this “three long words” is! I am still hoping for a second book after that; yet, even so, I also do not want to have another book because I’m afraid that it would ruin the vibes of the story. Furthermore, every book that she writes is beautiful, especially the topics and the plot. I just wish that she would write more books. Definitely an auto-buy author!



TOP 2!

Tahereh Mafi


Tahereh Mafi‘s writing style is as beautiful as she is. Based on the books that she has written, I am not really the biggest fan of the plot. The story indeed is amazing and a plot hole here and there but her writing style, the words that she puts in every page of her book is beautiful and poetic. You would feel the impact of every word, every sentence and every paragraph. She’s one of those authors that would not really make me rush to the bookstore to buy her books, but after I read her book, I would curse myself for not reading it soon enough. Her writing style is addicting and would truly suck you in the story. If I were to describe her writing style in one sentence, it would be “like she is painting a paper with words”. 



TOP 1!

Laini Taylor


This woman right here is my queen. I have been seeing people calling Sarah J. Maas as their queen but as for me, Laini Taylor is THE queen. Her writing style, the plot of her books, her characters, the settings, everything. I only read her famous trilogy, Daughter of Smoke and Bones, and I cannot get enough of it. I know that some people are not a fan of her writing style but I think it is just a matter of getting in the right mindset. Given that she writes Urban Fantasy, which is as confusing as a High Fantasy, you would take quite some time to get used to with the world; and after understanding the world and as the plot started to come together you would understand the brilliance of her books. I’m hoping to read more books from her but I want a physical copy of it so I’m refraining myself from reading an ebook copy because she is Laini Taylor! Sadly, she is one of those underrated authors in my country so I don’t see a lot of her books in the local bookstore. I only acquire her books through online shopping and it takes so long for the book/s to arrive in my country. But even so, I cannot wait to read more works by her and to read her new book coming out this 2017!

That’s all for my Top 5 favorite authors. It is fun, I might say, to share with you a list of things that I love. I might consider doing it often!

How about you guys? Who is your top 5 favorite authors in terms of their writing style or not?

I’ll talk to you guys soon! Till next time!

Maria ❤


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