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December Book Haul!

Hello, guys! It’s that time of the year again when you have to sit and stare at your shelf and ask yourself how many books you have accumulated this month. As for me, I accumulated a total of 12 books! But even if I have as much, I only bought 9 books and 8 of them are on my priority list for 2016. The other one is from a thrift bookstore and the 3 other books are from an author and my prize for completing a book challenge. Shall we get into it??

First in my haul would surely complete every bookworm’s Christmas. And it is…

the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.😍 I love this edition of the Harry Potter paperback boxed set. I haven’t read any Harry Potter books before this (I already finished the first book this month and making my way through the second book). I have watched the movies and I love it and I’m sure that the whole series is way better.

Next on my haul is, as usually, a Jane Austen book and it is…

Northanger Abbey. Now I only need the Mansfield Park in this edition and my collection would be complete. Here’s to hoping that I’ll find it soon!

And now, for the last book that I bought this month is…

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. I saw this in a secondhand bookstore and I cannot put it down so I bought it. It only cost me $2.9! Who would say no to that? Plus, I’ve been hearing good things about this book.

And now, for the books that I received from the author Ms. Alice Rachel. I’ve already posted the exciting book mail a couple of days ago so you probably saw that. Ms. Rachel is kind enough to send me her book Under Ground and its novella Losing Ground.


Let me just tell you that the quality of these books is so good. The paper is not thin but not so thick, all in all, the book bind was on a good quality considering that it’s self-published. I recommend that you get your copies as well if you are intrigued (like I am) with this series because it sounds good.

And the last book on this haul is…


The Universe of Us by Lang Leav. This is my prize for completing the book challenge for our book club last month. I thought they’re not serious that if you have an entry for each day, you’ll receive a prize. Along with this book is a huge tote bag, which is good for book hauling, and a tumbler.

Well, that’s all for my December book haul. I hope you have a good reading and hauling month. I’ll be posting my 2016 recap soon!

Till next time!



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