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Books I am Thankful of…

Hello, everyone! I haven’t blog for quite some time but I have seen a post that has been circulating around blogs and youtube accounts and I found it fun so I decided to do it. This week is Thanksgiving week in some parts of the world, mostly in the US. However, in our country, we do not celebrate such holiday. I’ve been seeing bookTubers and some bloggers mentioned the top 5 books that they are thankful of. Even though we do not have a thanksgiving day or week I still want to blog about the books that I am thankful of because come on, books are so much more than words on paper.
I tried to narrow down these books in 5 and I find it easier than expected. I’ll be posting the synopsis of each book so that you could have an idea of the story if you haven’t read it yet. However, most of these books in the list are series but I’ll be posting the synopsis of the first book of the series.

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