Book Club Philippines Book Challenge!

Book Club Philippines Book Challenge!


This Instagram book challenge for the month of November is exclusive only for the members of Book Club Philippines (@bookclubphilippines on Instagram).


Hello, fellow book club members! After giving the, one or two words, vague descriptions of each challenge per day, down below are the explanation as to what the challenges are all about with examples to some that are quite confusing. Fasten your seat belt for these out of these world challenges.


Day 1: Saints (All Saints Day) – A book character (main or side character) whose name is the same name as a saint e.g. St. Peter – Peter Kavinsky (from To All the Boys I Loved Before).

Day 2: Soulmate (All Souls Day) – A book character that you consider as your soulmate.

Day 3: Note – Author’s Note

Day 4: Myth – Favorite Mythological Creature

Day 5: Thick & Thin (Book Lover’s Day) – Thickest and thinnest book on your shelf.

Day 6: Height –How many books are your height? In other words, a book tower that is the same height as you.

Day 7: Male – Male author with LGBT character in his book (main or side character).

Day 8: Pretty Ugly – Cover buy books with a disappointing story or plot.

Day 9: Real Life – A dystopian story that can happen in real life.

Day 10: Outshine – A side character that overshadowed the main character in the story.

Day 11: Wish (11:11) – A character that you wished to be in real life.

Day 12: Classics – Favorite Classics book cover (may or may not read the book).

Day 13: Recreate – Recreate the book cover from Day 12.

Day 14: Header – Chapter header.

Day 15: Birthday – A book that has a connection with your birthday e.g. a book published on your birthday or a book that mentioned your birthday.

Day 16: 427 – 4th sentence on page 27 of a non-fiction book.

Day 17: Colors – A colorful photo.

Day 18. Personality – A book (fiction) that mentioned a real life personality (whether in the past or in the present) e.g. a book that mentioned Obama or George W. Bush.

Day 19: Asia – A book set in Asia with non-Asian main character.

Day 20: Child (World Children’s Day) – A book with a child as a main character.

Day 21: Series/Movies  (World Television Day) – Unpopular opinion with books to TV Series or Movies adaptation.

Day 22: Third Letter – An author’s name starting from the third letter of your first name.

Day 23: Mismatched – Book cover with no connections in the story.

Day 24: Shoes – A photo of a book about a journey with shoes that does not belong to you.

Day 25: 35 – Page 35 of a book.

Day 26: Powerless – A fantasy character with no super powers.

Day 27: Treasure – Most treasured second-hand book.

Day 28: Bookworm – A bookworm character.

Day 29: “A/An” – Book title with “a or an” in it e.g. An Ember in the Ashes & A Torch Against the Night.

Day 30: 2016 – Favorite 2016 reads so far.


P.S. You’re not allowed to use the examples stated above. πŸ˜›

Good luck to us! πŸ™‚


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