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First Heist by H.B. Moore (An Omar Zagouri Thriller)

30814202RATING: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ‘

Publisher:Β Mirror Press

Published:Β July 26, 2016

Format:Β ebook

Pages:Β 56




Mia Golding, an undercover agent is about to make a handoff to co-agent, Omar Zagouri. But before she can complete her assignment, her cover is blown, and she finds herself escaping with Omar. The only problem is, her boss warned her about Omar and his sketchy history of landing himself in the middle of danger. After losing her mother in an attack planned for Mia, pulling off any heist with a man like Omar is the last thing she needs for her career . . . or her life.

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My Love is Blue by Rosemary Danielis



Publisher:Β LionHouse Books

Published:Β July 12, 2016

Format:Β ebook

Pages:Β 171


“It must be difficult, believing there’s enough good out there to outweigh all the bad.”


When Julian, an artist and the love of Emma’s life, dies, Emma loses herself in one dark canvas after another finding, underneath the layers of paint, a tormented dreamlike place where they can still be together.

But retreating from reality comes with a price.

Desperate and running out of money to pay her rent, Emma is forced to open up her locked-down existence to take on off-duty Police Officer Grayson Tate. He’s opinionated, arrogant and completely charming with a burning desire to learn how to paint, specifically from Emma.

Having to deal with Grayson sends Emma’s dormant emotions into a tailspin. How can she possibly fall in love with Grayson without betraying Julian and the love they shared?

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