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That Thing Formerly Known as My Life by Sally Johnson


RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑

Publisher:  Pink Bloom Publishing

Published: July 1, 2016

Format: ebook

Pages: 211


“Sometimes it’s hard to keep our life in perspective until we see how other people live.”


A cross-country move wasn’t exactly what McKinley had in mind for her senior trip, but leave it to her parents to up and move to Rhode Island. Her senior year was supposed to be awesome, but when she ticks off popular cheerleader Taylor, it goes from bad to worse.

The only good thing about moving is the mysterious, Camaro-driving, all-around-likeable Nick Phelan. But that mysterious thing that makes him so likeable is also making McKinley suspicious.

Nick hides secrets. McKinley harbors doubts. Taylor bares her teeth. But dealing with moving and Taylor is nothing compared to the biggest secret of all.


If I were to make a list of books that I thought I did not like but ended up liking, this book is probably on that list. I have a hard time getting in this book at first. The writing style and the storyline are not complicated and it has a very fun air to it. However, I think the first 3 chapters does not help me build a good relationship in a quarter of this book. I really love the plot of this book, hence the rating. But I have some issues with the protagonist. Her drive in the entire book revolves around her admiration towards Nick. It is the only thing that keeps me from giving it 4 stars and above.

It was a very fast-paced book although it seems cliche with the popular guy and the unpopular girl couple. High school life is always a fun setting with all its dramas and intrigues.  I don’t have anything against the plot because I honestly liked it. The build up of Nick and McKinley’s relationship is slow (on Nick’s part) but you can see that it is there. The scenes with coping up with moving to another place and having new friends and a best friend whom you left behind may not be much of a big deal but it shows the impact and its effect in the story. Plus I really didn’t predict the plot twist (and my theory was wrong) and it is one of those books that you’re just thankful that it was told in the POV of one character. I think having Nick’s POV would be over the top and it would not appeal as much considering that he had some secrets to hide. I’m hands down with the plot and the flow of the story but I just wish that McKinley’s actions are not driven by love as much as she did.

I just wish that this book was a bit more character driven than purpose driven (which in this case the purpose is love) because sometimes I feel like McKinley’s actions make me cringe for real. And I even exclaimed words like “you did not just say that!” while reading the book. If only McKinley’s character does not center purely on love this book might make it to my favorite reads of 2016. She has other issues in life and yet the story only deals with her undying love for Nick. Even her issues with her friends, which I don’t know if she ever patched things up with them, because it is all about Nick. And if you think I’m spoiling you, McKinley already profess her admiration towards Nick in the second chapter. In addition to that, her lines “if I’m not as down as I am now, I would have enjoyed being with Nick.”  is annoying. Like really annoying. On the other hand, I like McKinley’s sarcasm and sassiness. Who does not love characters like that? (Without their head over heels attitude that is.)

But setting my issues about McKinley, I love the story, the minor character, Sasha, Garett and Nick are cute and they add a touch of fun in the book. That ending! I really like the ending. If I were to change something about this book, I would probably lessen McKinley’s undying love for Nick or just make it less obvious or showy or whatever you would like to call it because I think it is a little bit unrealistic. Guys would totally freak out if girls act like that (or maybe it is just me that’s freaking out because I’m not a fan of cheesy stories?).

I really want to give this a 4 stars or more but whenever I think about McKinley’s unnecessary actions I’m satisfied with 3.75. I’m recommending this book to whoever loves contemporary reads that enjoy the high school dramas and cliche stuff.


A reader who becomes a villain, a queen, a princess, a heroine, and a warrior depends on the story that she reads. A dreamer who wishes to dwell in the world that she visited through the pages of her book. A frustrated blogger who wishes to put into words the frustration, boredom, and excitement that she felt throughout her many journeys outside the real world.

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