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37th MIBF Book Haul & Blog!

Every September there is a book fair in the Philippines held at the SMX Convention. MIBF or Manila International Book Fair is the only book convention in the Philippines. Different publishing house and bookstores gathered around to make this all happen.

There is so much to look forward to in this book fair:

  • Book signings – there are book signings held by different publishers for local authors; and in the last two days of the MIBF, foreign authors are also present. Although in this year’s MIBF, there is only one foreign author present – Morgan Matson.
  • Games and freebies – different booths also held different games where you will get freebies like pens, shirt, notepads, books. I heard that one of the bookstores that are present in the book fair held an ARC giveaway! Although I don’t know the mechanics or what ARCs and what publishers participated. You can also have freebies just by buying a certain amount in booths. There’s also a free bookmark.
  • Finding rare books – this is what I looked forward to every year. Classics and rare books are found in their booths which you do not normally see in their branches.
  • Book SALE!! – of course, this is what everyone looks forward to. The sale! The majority of the booths have 10, 20 or 50 percent off from selected books or sometimes, in all the books! Of course, we bookworms need to take advantage of it!


And of course, I did not leave there empty-handed! I bought 8 books.😱😱

Not only did I come home with 8 books, I also have a lot of bookmarks. Like… A LOT. I’ll show you my books one by one.



These are the books that I bought first while roaming around.

These books are written by a local author. This story is first written in wattpad and captures the attention of a publisher here in the Philippines. It’s been on sale for quite some time now. I have this whole set before! But someone borrowed it and she never returned it. So now I have to buy the whole set AGAIN.😒 But it’s okay, I only bought it for P200.00 or $4! These books are worth it! It’s a mystery thriller story. It’s about a new girl in school, Denise, her class is called 3-C (her section). Her class is where the worst kids are, the bullies and the like. But one day, their class adviser was found dead in her apartment and they say that there is a possibility of suicide  and everyone was shocked. Denise visited her adviser an hour or so before she died and it does not feel like a suicide to her. She has this feeling that someone kills their adviser. And as she digs deeper into the mystery of finding the killer, there are deaths occurring in their class. This is a very fun read for Halloween! If you’re from the Philippines, please grab a copy because these books are awesome!


I was also surprised when I found these bookmarks inside the bag.

Now what will I do with these bookmarks?!😱



And of course, I can’t go to that book fair without taking advantage of the 20% discount from my favorite bookstore, FullyBooked. I bought 4 books and all of them are in hardcover format.

I’ve heard good things about this book that’s why I grabbed it. And it is so cheap! It almost cost the same as a paperback so why not get it, right? Plus the feedbacks are good!



Another thing that I bought is this beautiful boxed set!

Just in time for Miss Peregrine’s movie adaptation! Plus it has free photographs of the peculiars!

I almost regret buying this after quite some time but it is just so pretty!!😭 Especially the Library of Souls without its dust jacket and I still haven’t read it.

And of course, freebies!! I must have spent a lot of money because they gave me these freebies.😂 Bookmark, a pink pen, and a notepad!




This is my fourth time attending this book fair, although I’m quite disappointed with the book selections. 3yrs ago, they included new releases in the book fair but now, the only new releases available are those whom I consider as overhyped. I didn’t find the books on my list. Such a disappointment. But still, I enjoyed my day and my haul makes me happy. Plus my book buddy/ best friend/ MIBF buddy for 4yrs.


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