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Book Review: Animal Farm by George Orwell



Publisher:ย Signet Classics

Published:ย 1996 (First published August 17, 1945)

Format:ย ebook

Pages:ย 141

โ€œLet’s face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short.โ€


As ferociously fresh as it was more than a half century ago, this remarkable allegory of a downtrodden society of overworked, mistreated animals and their quest to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality is one of the most scathing satires ever published. As readers witness the rise and bloody fall of the revolutionary animals, they begin to recognize the seeds of totalitarianism in the most idealistic organization and in the most charismatic leaders, the souls of the cruelest oppressors.


In a span of fewer than 200 pages, this book portrays society and rebellion pretty well. George Orwell is one of those authors that gives justice to literature. The representation of the different types of people in the society was captured well enough. It is like observing the world from the outside. Moreover, it is easy to comprehend.

I really don’t know how to write a review without critically analyzing the story itself. This book has so much to offer and I can’t quite put it into words. Hence, I’m still writing a review just so I could recommend this book to other people. This book is a portrayal of the society of the past, the present and maybe even the future. By reading this book, you can see the greediness of other people for power and how others would just go with the flow.

Giving this book 4/5 stars. It has too much to offer yet I don’t know why it’s not a perfect 5/5 stars for me.


A reader who becomes a villain, a queen, a princess, a heroine, and a warrior depends on the story that she reads. A dreamer who wishes to dwell in the world that she visited through the pages of her book. A frustrated blogger who wishes to put into words the frustration, boredom, and excitement that she felt throughout her many journeys outside the real world.

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