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King’s Cage Book Cover Reveal!!

Good day bookworms! Are you a fan of the RED QUEEN Series/Quartet by Victoria Aveyard? Well if you are, I have a news for you! As you’ve read in the title, the book cover of the third book of the Red Queen Series has been revealed a couple of hours ago. And I’m sharing my excitement and fangirling feels with you guys!!

Last week, Victoria Aveyard and EpicReads released the title of the third book which is KING’S CAGE. And today, they drop the biggest bomb and that’s the book cover! So here it is…

Isn’t it gorgeous?😍 The publisher of this series surely knows how to make an eye-catching cover buy books!

Oh! And have you noticed that the crown is made of BONES? (According to Ms. Aveyard.) It’s a spinal cord!! (Right? Well I’m assuming it is!) And some other bones that are necessary to make up a crown.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Also, there are some things I noticed about this cover.

First, the shade of the cover. It’s just getting darker and darker!! Victoria Aveyard posted a collage picture of the three cover and this one is darker than the other two! Let’s compare it shall we?

(This photo collage was posted by Victoria Aveyard.)

Second, the crown! The crown is not pointy like the other two.Β Plus there is something in the crown that I don’t know what it is called but I think it is not part of the crown! (That’s where my thoughts about a not pointy crown pops into my mind) I’m talking about this part…

What is this?!😱

Third, the blood in the crown. There are only TWO silver streak of blood!! The red outnumbered the silver.😭😱

Lastly, the sentence at the bottom. ALL WILL BURN. I can vibes more Maven in this book!!

I honestly loved it! It does not disappoint my expectation.😍😍 How about you? What are your thoughts on this cover?


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