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Top 3 Favorite Trilogies

I’ve been contemplating about how many trilogies I’ve finished and I decided to narrow it down to my Top 3. So today I would like to share with you guys my TOP 3 FAVORITE TRILOGIES OF ALL TIME.

TOP 3 – STARBOUND TRILOGY by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

I feel like this trilogy is one of those underrated trilogies out there. The story is a mix of sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy and of course romance. Each book revolves around the different protagonist, whereby telling their own tales and how they come across the same problems with the other protagonist and as the story unfolds, those protagonists will help each other in resolving the problem that they are facing.

Starbound trilogy is about the ‘whispers’. The whispers are other species in the galaxy that are used for hyperspace traveling. And as the protagonists in each book cross paths with the whisper, they discover little things about the whisper and how this knowledge would be of use to them later. I can’t say that I’ve explained it well buuuut you should totally read it. The story was told in two points of view of the protagonists in every book. So if you like sci-fi and dystopian, you would surely enjoy this trilogy! I’m not even a fan of sci-fi but I love this trilogy!! Plus I enjoyed the writing style of Amie and Meagan.




I think everyone has heard about this trilogy and if you haven’t, you’re living under a very big rock!! This trilogy is the reason why I’ve been in love with the dystopian genre for quite some time. I love the concept and every page gives me more reason to love this trilogy, even if Suzanne Collins killed some characters.😭




This will be my all time favorite trilogy of all time. Laini Taylor’s writing style is so poetic. It is quite confusing at first because it is an urban fantasy. Yet the moment you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to put the book down.

This story revolves around Karou who has been living with monsters. She’s been wondering who and what she is all her life. Then there is Akiva, an angel who has a grudge against the monster which Karou considered as her family. And as Akiva and Karou met each other, they’ve unraveled a secret about their connection to each other that may lead to their own destruction.

Highly recommending this! Laini Taylor will be releasing a new trilogy and the synopsis on Goodreads is as good as this trilogy. I can’t wait.😍😍
How bout you guys? What’s your top 3 favorite trilogies?




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