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The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

The month of May marks the end of The Selection Series when the last book, The Crown, was released last May 3, 2016. I’m pretty satisfied with how the series ended and even though I want to post a review on The Crown alone, I decided to review the whole series, considering that I didn’t review the first 4 books in this blog.

If you haven’t heard The Selection Series, I would give you a little background, not really a synopsis, by not spoiling anything to you guys.

The Selection Series is a story about a prince, looking for a wife-to-be. In order to choose the woman that is suited for the prince, they held a selection where eligible girls would enter their name in the selection and the palace will randomly choose the girls that will be living in the palace and be a part of the selection. The selection is quite similar to the reality show, The Bachelor, the difference is the prince is the bachelor but the elimination and some events happening in the selection are televised like in The Bachelor.




The Selection follows the story of America Singer who became a part of the 35 selected girls who would compete for the heart of the prince. But unlike other girls who have been chosen, she does not want to partake in the selection. America is a five, which gives her the disadvantage of competing with other girls because of their upbringing. The world that Kiera Cass created revolves around a dystopian society with a caste system. Ones, are the royalties (the King and his family), Twos, are the soldiers… and the list goes on. And America belongs to Fives, the singers, and performers. It is interesting to see the point of view of someone from the lower caste to step in the palace and see the world of the royal family including the problems that they deal with in the country.

I find this book a very strong first book. It may have some cutesy part but the world building, the rebellion (which is always present in a dystopian world), the room for character development and the plot are there. I’m quite annoyed with America but Prince Maxon would keep you reading. Plus it is very interesting to know more about the other selected girls. Considering that this is the first book, I did not expect a plot twist or whatsoever. I gave this book 3.25 out of 5 stars. I’m not really that engrossed in the story plus America is obnoxious most of the time. Although I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would now that I think about it.




THIS BOOK!! Ugh! Just when I thought America Singer could not get more annoying, this book proves me wrong. In addition to that, America rubbed some of her annoyingness to Prince Maxon and I can’t stand how stubborn the two of them are! This book focuses on the selection leaving the readers blindsided on what is happening in their world. I understand that the series is called The Selection and it is okay if it would focus more on the selection, the selected and the prince. Yet the thing is, the chaos in their world affects the series more than the readers think. I feel like this book is just a bridge book, another one that can be added to the SECOND BOOK SYNDROME. Although some events are interesting and keep me to my sanity while reading this book.

I still rated it almost 3 stars because of some events that transpired in the ending which I’m very giddy to happen the moment this certain character enters the story!! I just wish Kiera Cass also included some world building in this book and not just “a teen drama episode of America Singer”.

THE ONE (#3)


I still have some issues with this book, and the ending is expected but it happens because of an unexpected turn of events. Although Kiera included some background of the rebellion, I think it is not enough, to sum up the whole trilogy (it used to be a trilogy). The ending was a bit rush in my opinion. And I’m not satisfied with the issues and the rebellions. I’m thinking that there should be more to it than what has been laid and it is quite disappointing. The rebellion could intersect in an interesting way in the story but I feel like it is only used for the ending, well almost ending.

Funny thing about this supposed to be a trilogy is I’m more attached to the side characters rather than the main characters. That sudden turn of events makes me realized how much I wanted them, the side characters, to have a happy ending. I’m not really satisfied but it’s okay and not that bad.



I must admit that I’m one of the people who became excited when Kiera Cass announced about the 4th book in the series. I’m expecting a clarification and closure to the events that are left unanswered and unsolved in The One. But I’m wrong. This follows King Maxon’s daughter who also held a selection (similar to the Bachelorette). I’m hoping for a revival in this series but this book is another disappointment. Princess Eadlyn is a brat, a stubborn, close-minded princess who thinks she had it worst than most people because she will be the future Queen. Sooooo annoying. What saves this book is the selected boys (the selected are my saviors, even in the first 3 books).

Let’s talk about the rebellion and the caste problems.

There is not much to talk about because again, Kiera doesn’t care to enlighten us on that matter. *sighs* I gave this 3 out of 5 stars because of the ending, a total cliffhanger. Plus Eadlyn’s almost character development.



This book is the revival that I’ve been looking for. The character development, the events that transpire and that shocking almost-predictable-but-shocking-still plot twist. I shed some tears because of Maxon and Eadlyn. I’m very satisfied with the ending. I don’t think I can explain it further without spoiling anything. I’ve also seen some reviews where others hated the ending and it feels rush. It is rush but it has a reason as to why the selection needs to end that fast and I might applaud Kiera for a reasonable ending for rushing this book. Unlike The One, that was rushing in a bad way.

You may or may not share the same opinion but I enjoyed this more than the other 4 books. The saving grace that I’ve been waiting for.

To be honest, I don’t know why I keep reading this series even if I’m annoyed most of the time with these books. Hence, I think if I were to read this series focusing only on the selection and not caring about the world building and stuff, I would surely enjoy this. And maybe this is the reason why I keep on reading this series, subconsciously I enjoyed the selection itself but the obnoxiousness and the feeling of frustration I get because of the main characters dragged the rating down to lower than 4 stars. I wish this series leans more on the contemporary aspect like the Princess Diaries because it does not really suit the dystopian genre.šŸ˜ž And up until now, I’m undecided still if I hated this series or I loved it.

If you want a light reads, I recommend this series. And a tip to enjoy this, you should focus on the selection and the love story. Plus, the covers are so pretty and looks good on the shelf.šŸ˜‚

Thank you for reading my review! You’re free to share your thoughts about this series in the comments below. Till next time!




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