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Poison Most Vial by Benedict Carey


RATING: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

Publisher: Amulet Books

Publication Date: April 1, 2012

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 240


Murder in the lab! The famous forensic scientist Dr. Ramachandran is stone-cold dead, and Ruby Rose’s father is the prime suspect. It’s one more reason for Ruby to hate the Gardens, the funky urban neighborhood to which she has been transplanted. Wise but shy, artistic but an outsider, Ruby must marshal everything and everyone she can to help solve the mystery and prove her father didn’t poison his boss. Everyone? The list isn’t too long: there’s T. Rex, Ruby’s big, goofy but goodhearted friend; maybe those other two weird kids from class; and that mysterious old lady in the apartment upstairs, who seems to know a lot about chemistry . . . which could come in very handy.



This book is beyond my expectation. It is a middle-grade mystery book and it is way better than other young adult mystery book that I have read. I finished the book in a day, or less than a day because it was so good. Once you started it, you would not want to put it down. I’m so engrossed with Ruby and Rex that I haven’t notice that I am nearing the end already. There may have been plot holes like kids actually solving a criminal case with their skills to comprehend and piece together the crime, but it is a work of fiction so a little of that wouldn’t hurt. The flow of the story is very well thought of. There are some parts that would actually play a big role in the whole story but may have been overlooked. It’s like you were a part of the investigation and you overlooked the things that the characters have overlooked and then discover it with them. It is so fascinating and fun.

Another thing that I liked about this book is it lives up to its mystery genre. The story is really focused on solving the case and figuring out who is the real murderer. Unlike some books who claims to be in the mystery genre and yet the love story has more weight than the mystery aspect of the story. Not a chapter in this book is wasted on a nonsense. Everything in the book is needed. Everything is a supplement to the plot. The characters are perfect. They are not too brave, they are kids who are afraid to get caught yet trying their best to solve the case. And what I liked about it is, they asked for help! Come on. I hate those books where the protagonist is so invincible, so intelligent that he/she does not need any help because he/she can solve it like he/she is a superhero. Especially the fact that the protagonist is a kid, she really needs some help and she asked for it!! Good girl Ruby.


If you are a fan of mystery books, you should definitely check this out. This is a very good middle-grade fantasy book for a Dan Brown fan.


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